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Fall 1989

Herb Lotze Blessed is the man... 1 Fall 1989 Fran La Mattina
Spring 1990 Bill Furr Reconciled By Grace 2 Spring 1990 Gay Oltjenbruns
Great is thy faithfulness
Fall 1990 Mike Harden Press On 3 Fall 1990 Mary Ann Williams
We who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's Glory
Spring 1991 Ralph Prescott I saw the Lord, He was high and lifted up 4 Spring 1991 Sharon Sheldon
Isaiah 26:3
Fall 1991 John Ter Louw Tried by Fire 5 Fall 1991 Mary Bailey
Stay In God's Love
Spring 1992 David Stewart Love Your Enemies 6 Spring 1992 Shirley Wilson Unfailing Love
Fall 1992 Jim Jacobson The Truth Shall Set You Free 7 Fall 1992 Judy Steele Dwelling in His Presence
Spring 1993 Tommy Tullis Mending 8 Spring 1993 Mary Friend Shepard Abiding the Vine
Fall 1993 David Pulsifer Resting in Him 9 Fall 1993 Connie Stewart Peace be with You
Spring 1994 Jim Bailey You are the Light of the World 10 Spring 1994 Judy Voran Our Mighty Refuge
Fall 1994 Jimmy Stewart K.I.S.S. 11 Fall 1994 DeeDee Myers His grace is sufficient
Spring 1995 Bill Neal His grace is sufficient 12 Spring 1995 Sandy Bethea Created in Him
Fall 1995 Charlie Elder Built on the Rock 13 Fall 1995 Donna Stewart I am that I am
Spring 1996 Jack Hampton Thy hands hath provided 14 Spring 1996 Cathy Rosenberg Be magnified Oh Lord
Fall 1996 Dan Doll In Christ Victory 15 Fall 1996 Terrie Tullos Change my heart oh God
Spring 1997 Eliot Rosenberg But I have called you friends, That we may be one 16 Spring 1997 Sandy Meadows Broken and spilled out
Fall 1997 Dick Brown Examine Yourself 17 Fall 1997 Elissa Stine They shall mount up with wings as Eagles
Spring 1998 Neil Bethea Humble Yourself 18 Spring 1998 Brenda West Free in Him
Fall 1998 Steve Palmer Becoming Who We Are 19 Fall 1998 Ginny Carvin Drawing Near to the Heart of God
Spring 1999 Miley Adams ...As to the Lord 20 Spring 1999 Kathy Palmer My Cup Overflows
Fall 1999 Art Myers By My Spirit said the Lord 21 Fall 1999 Diane Brown Harvesting Righteousness and Peace
Spring 2000 David Hartz To Live Is Christ 22 Spring 2000 Vi Dugans Created by the Power of His Love
Fall 2000 Tommy Sangster Covered by His Grace and Renewed by his Mercy 23 Fall 2000 Diane Doll Casting All Your Care Upon Him; He careth for You
Spring 2001 Bob Ross Servant Leaders 24 Spring 2001 Cindy Laney Joy in the Journey
Fall 2001 Ed Blanton God Is My Strength, Faithful and True 25 Fall 2001 Cassie Stephens Created For His Pleasure
Spring 2002 Harold Thurmond Got Fruit? 26 Spring 2002 Barbara Bennett Walk in His Light
Fall 2002 Ken Barker Just as I AM 27 Fall 2002 Janie Thurmond Celebrate Jesus
Spring 2003 John Laney His Grace is Sufficient 28 Spring 2003 Michelle McDearmid Come to the Table
Fall 2003 Robert Fernandez No Greater Love 29 Fall 2003 Missy Withers Get Real
Spring 2004 David Carvin No Longer "I".... But Christ 30 Spring 2004 Rita Barker Freedom Through Surrender
Fall 2004 Scooter Duncan Who is Your Neighbor 31 Fall 2004 Jan Junkin Blessings in the Thorns
Spring 2005 Bennett Junkin Lord, You Know Where I've Been 32 Spring 2005 Carita Sims He Knows My Name
Fall 2005 Vic Parramore Walking with the Fourth 33 Fall 2005 Connie Duncan Who Touched Me
Spring 2006 Dan Beeman Roll the Stone 34 Spring 2006 Susan Dancy God Shoots Straight with Crooked Arrows
Fall 2006 Larry Arrington I have a Friend 35 Fall 2006 Pam Sangster Believe
Spring 2007 Doug Kirk We are weak, but He is Strong 36 Spring 2007 Judy Kirk Changing Battle Scars Into Beauty Marks
Fall 2007 Louie Chastain Wild at Heart 37 Fall 2007 Tracy Long A Call to Arms
Spring 2008 David Knight Ninety-Nine for One 38 Spring 2008 Susan Greene In The King’s Chamber
Fall 2008 Neal Bradford Fear Not For I Am With You 39 Fall 2008 Dot Alvis His Purpose Prevails
Spring 2009 Len Goff Let Him Shine 40 Spring 2009 Donna Budd Be Still My Heart
Fall 2009 Steve Greene I know...I Believe 41 Fall 2009 Janet Parramore Further Still
Spring 2010 Craig Moran Build My House 42 Spring 2010

Deb Boutwell

Eternal Treasures
Fall 2010 Barry Mason Feed My Sheep 43 Fall 2010 Lynda McMurtray Unchanged
Spring 2011 Bob Alvis Wait Upon The Lord 44 Spring 2011 Pam Mason There is still Hope
Fall 2011 Scott Sapp Do you trust me? 45 Fall 2011 Amy Sadler Let The Worshipers Arise
Spring 2012 Buz Stephens Jesus Loves Me 46 Spring 2012 Beverly Solomon That I May Dwell Face to Face
Fall 2012 Duane Thurmond It's All About Relationship 47 Fall 2012 Becky Goff Under His Wings
Spring 2013 Robert Bass I AM with You 48 Spring 2013 Hazel Long His Joy in Abundance & Overflowing
Fall 2013 Steve Simmons Redeemed 49 Fall 2013 Cathy Chastain Be Still & Know I Am
Spring 2014 Ben Wilds Let the Men of God Arise 50 Spring 2014 Jo Arrington Highest Place
Fall 2014 Jim Arrington Believing I am Blessed 51 Fall 2014 Lillian Arrington Come to him as a Little Child, You are a Child of God
Spring 2015 Marty McClamma Freedom 52 Spring 2015 Ginny Sapp Love Came Down
Fall 2015 John Blackwell The Lord is Near 53 Fall 2015 Cathy Corredor Immersed in Mercy
Spring 2016 Bruce King A Few Good Men 54 Spring 2016 Paula Marshall Life...Abundantly
Fall 2016 Andy Fowler Break Every Chain - No Longer Slaves 55 Fall 2016 Debbie Hopkins Swept Away in His Love
Spring 2017 Bill Pafford Favored Sons of God 56 Spring 2017 Doy Wilds Joy with Jesus..a Journey of Love
Fall 2017 Tommy Pafford Be Still and Know that I Am God 57 Fall 2017 Rossie Tullis He Softens My Heart


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