Pescadore Orientation

If you are planning to serve on a weekend, please attend a Pescadore Orientation (P.O.) before serving. According to the NFTD bylaws, you are strongly encouraged to attend this important training once every two years. The dates will be announced on this web page as well as in the monthly NFTD newsletter.

P.O.s are offered at least twice a year and are scheduled approximately six weeks before each NFTD weekend. P.O. provides a basis for understanding what Tres Dias is all about!

Don't miss this opportunity to show your commitment to this NFTD community. If you have any questions, please contact the P.O. Couple, Rodney & Jessica Whitfield, or email us. See you at Pescadore Orientation!

Click here for Pescadore Orientation Manual.

Pescadore is a spanish word for Fisherman

1) The History of Tres Dias and the North Florida Community.
2) An explanation of the pre-weekend processes and essentials. (Sponsorship)
3) An explanation of the weekend processes and essentials.
4) An explanation of the post-weekend processes and essentials.
5) An explanation of Weekend Dynamics.
6) The importance of the fourth day Christian leadership and the need for continued fellowship and support.

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